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TrolMaster Hydro-X Device Station 6-pack - IncrediGrow, master, trol, troll, trollmaster, trolmaster

TrolMaster Hydro-X Device Station 6-pack

Specially designed for the control of Temperature / Humidity / CO2 & Program devices in the Hydro-X Control System. Device station 6 pack: 1 x DSC-1 for CO2 control; 1 x DSH-1 for Humid Control; 1 x DST-1 for temp control; 3 x DSP-1 for timer program control.


LED power indicator
3-prong attaching plug
RJ12 cable socket
Plug & play

Package includes: 

1 x TrolMaster CO2 Station
1 x TrolMasterTemperature Station
1 x TrolMasterHumidity Station
3 x TrolMasterProgram Stations