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TrolMaster Hawkeye Climate Monitor and Logger

Discover the TrolMaster Hawkeye Climate Monitor and Logger (CM-1)

The Hawkeye from TrolMaster provides an economical and accurate method to monitor an enclosed space. Some users simply need to monitor the temperature, humidity and CO2 and VPD levels without the need to actually control any devices. The CM-1 / Hawkeye is designed specifically to be used as a back-up monitoring system to ensure environmental conditions stay within acceptable limits. The Hawkeye comes COMPLETE with everything you will need to measure temperature, humidity, CO2 and also provides an accurate VPD measurement. (Vapor Pressure Deficit) The user can select the minimum and maximum allowable (limits) for temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. If those limits are exceeded, the Hawkeye will notify the user via the TrolMaster APP as well as by audible and visual alerts displayed on the LED digital display.

The Hawkeye is a stand-alone monitoring system that can be used with or without an internet connection. However, once the EM-1 is connected to the internet, it will begin to automatically record and display trends and data from the sensors on an easy-to-read graph within the TrolMaster APP. Local storage of ALL recorded data can also be recalled from the unit when a MicroSD card is inserted into the Hawkeye.


LED display for easy operation
Temperature / Humidity / CO2 (PPM) 3 in 1 sensor
Smartphone APP accessibility
IoT connectivity
Alarm function
Data logging

Package includes:

1 x Climate Monitor & Logging
1 x SA-S81 Sensor
1 x DC Adapter