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SunMaster - 1000w Finishing Ultra Blue MH Bulb - IncrediGrow,  Bulbs

SunMaster - 1000w Finishing Ultra Blue MH Bulb

SunMaster Finishing Blue 10,000K MH bulbs provide a uniquely formulated spectrum that is optimized to support maximum growth & development during the final stages of the growing cycle. Designed for use with 1000w digital light ballasts, SunMaster Finishing Blue MH grow light bulbs can be used with virtually any of the most popular 1000w grow light systems on the market. These bulbs are also compatible with the much less common 1000w pulse start metal halide grow light fixtures. Finishing Blue 10000K bulbs can be used as a stand-alone indoor garden light source during the final phases of the blooming growth for improved product taste, aroma, and overall quality.

  • 10,000K MH finishing lamp
  • 62,000 initial lumens
  • To be used during the final stages of growth
  • 5,000 hours of use