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Sunblaster T5 Light Bar Hanger (up to 7 - T5 Fixtures) - IncrediGrow, bar, clip, fixture, flourecent, flourescent, flouresent, fluorecent, fluorescant, Fluorescent, LED, light hanger, t5 Light Fixtures

Sunblaster T5 Light Bar Hanger (up to 7 - T5 Fixtures)

Strip Light Hanger

Getting more light where you need it has never been easier!

The unique design of the Universal Strip Light Hanger makes mounting the light you need, a snap!

Eliminate the need for cumbersome metal shades that not only weigh a lot but also trap heat and block your view of your garden or propagation areas.

Add as much light as your crop desires, up to seven T5HO’s or LED’s with this simple easy to use, and easy to suspend, lighting accessory from SunBlaster.

SunBlaster Universal Light Strip Hangers can also be wall mounted or back to back to provide optimal supplemental side lighting between your rows.

SunBlaster Universal Strip Light Hanger’s accommodate any length of SunBlaster™ T5HO Combo’s and our LED Strip Lights.

That's what makes them Universal!

(Each kit includes two strips and two V Hooks for easy suspension.)

Add a set of ratchet clip on adjustable pully's for quick height adjustments