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Sunblaster LED Grow Light Garden LARGE, Black

Sunblaster LED Grow Light Garden LARGE, Black

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  • ALL IN ONE INDOOR GARDEN KIT – includes two high efficiency grow lamps with NanoTech reflectors and power cord, heavy duty base with raised platform, auto-watering wicking mat, four unique reusable seedling trays and an 18 inch adjustable canopy. Just add your choice of soil, seeds, water and you will be growing in no time.
  • EASY-TO-USE – Sets up in minutes and features an auto-watering design for indoor germination, growing fresh vegetables, plants, microgreens and herbs. Takes the guesswork out of in-home gardening!
  • NATURAL PLANT GROWTH – two SunBlaster 24 Watt high-performance, 6400K full spectrum T5HO fluorescent grow lamps with NanoTech reflectors to replicate Mother Nature for safe and rapid indoor plant growth.​
  • THE PERFECT SIZE – the compact size and flexibility of this indoor garden is perfect for anywhere in your home, let your plants bring life where you live, from the office to the kitchen.
  • A THOUGHTFUL GIFT – give anyone the gift to cultivate their love, confidence, knowledge and involvement in home horticulture. Plus having year-round homegrown fresh greens, from seed to harvest!