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Rockwool 6x6x5.5 wrapped cube with hole - IncrediGrow, a-ok, aok, clone, cloning, cutting, DELTA, grodan, grow, hydro, potting, rockwall, rockwell, rockwool, rooting, seed, seedling, sponge, sponges, start, well, wool Rockwool

Grodan - Rockwool 6x6x5.5 wrapped cube with hole

 6 x 6 x 5.5 inches (15 x 15 x 14 cm approx) Grodan Rockwool Cube with hole. 
Grodan Rockwool is a mineral wool made from molten basalt and limestone rock that is spun into cotton-candy like fibers and then compressed into cubes, blocks or slabs.  Being made from natural rock, Grodan is a mineral based product used in hydroponic growing applications.
DM32 G HUGO 40/40 with hole growing blocks are individually wrapped and are ideal for small plants and transplanting.  These are often referred to as a 6" cube with hole.  The blocks feature grooves on the base to promote good drainage.
The blocks can be used for seeds or cuttings sowing up to medium-sized plants, these blocks can also be placed on top of a Grodan Slab for larger growing volume.