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Kootenay Filters - Pelletized Activated Carbon - IncrediGrow, kootsroots Fans, Ducting & Air Purification

Kootenay Filters - Pelletized Activated Carbon

Kootenay Filter Inc. uses 100% virgin activated carbon to build our quality filters.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon, sometimes called activated charcoal, is activated by exposing the raw carbon material to oxidizing atmospheres such as steam, usually in the temperature range of 600-1200 degrees Celsius. This process increases the number of micro pores, thus increasing the surface area of the carbon available for adsorption. Studies have shown that one gram of activated carbon can have a surface area greater than 32,000 sq. ft. These micro pores act like a sponge capturing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs are odor causing vapors in the air), some chemicals and fumes.