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Mouthbreather CO2 Bag

Mouthbreather CO2 Bag

What is a Mouthbreather

Every Mouthbreather contains a unique strain of mycelium that, once activated, produces enough CO2 to eliminate your need to exhale into your garden. This great little fungi loves to exhale for you! Place a Mouthbreather in your grow tent and watch your plants grow to gargantuan proportions!!

Accelerate vegetative growth or enhance harvest production, this fungi does it all! 

On a mission to harness the promise of advanced materials science, a team of visionary scientists and engineers at GrowPharm have developed a run-of-the-mill process to grow and transform mycelium into a? high-quality alternative to petroleum based CO2 enrichment.


Place Mouthbreather in an enclosed grow area. Remove bag clip to unlock Mouthbreather patch. Watch for amazing results in your plants for up to 6 months!