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Miicrobial Mass (Microbial Mass Non-Concentrate) - IncrediGrow, hydroguard, marianna, marijane, original, regular

Miicrobial Mass (Microbial Mass Non-Concentrate)

  • MIICROBIAL MASS is specially developed to maximize plant yield
    using multiple bacterial species.


    How does MIICROBIAL MASS work?

    Unlike many of the first generation of beneficial microbe products introduced into the market, MIICROBIAL MASS uses a highly targeted approach to inoculate the rhizosphere with a microbial consortium optimized to cycle nutrients in very specific ways. Utilizing the very latest scientific understanding of rhizospheric microbiology, our product development process involved the careful identification of several unique strains of bacteria which work in perfect harmony to perform some of the highly specific nutrient cycling functions required for optimal plant growth and development. The functional roles of each member of this bacterial consortium can be described as their modes of action.

    Mode of Action

    What is Mode of Action?

    A mode of action (MoA) is a term used to describe change at a cellular or molecular level. This transition can be anatomical or functional and always results from exposure to another living organism or any chemical or biological change in the cellular or molecular environment of a living organism.

    For example, when referencing mode of action in terms of phosphorus solubilisation, it refers to a change made to the phosphorus at a molecular level that makes this nutrient more soluble and bioavailable for the plant.


    Phosphorus is vital for a range of plant stages and features, including the early stages of development, tissue stiffness, root growth, fruit formation, inflorescence (flowering), and also resistance to cold and disease.


    Iron is also an essential nutrient, and of the microelements necessary for plants to function properly, iron is chief among them.

    MIICROBIAL MASS is compatible with all growing media and all base nutrients.

    MIICROBIAL MASS is effective in any growing media and in any conventional or organic nutrient program. It is compatible with soil, supersoil, rock wool, coco coir, expanded clay pellets, deep water culture, nutrient film technique, and other hydroponic systems.