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Mega Mulch - IncrediGrow, coco, growing, medium, soil Propagation & Growing Mediums

Mega Mulch

Mega Mulch is long-lasting, eco-friendly, and beautiful in the garden. An all natural ground cover, it reduces weeds and the frequency of watering, and prevents soil erosion. This product is made from 100% premium coconut fibre and coir chunks. Coir is the previously underused outer husk of a coconut. One coconut palm produces 75 to 150 nuts per year, and can produce for up to 75 years, so this is a highly sustainable product. The package measures 29cm wide x 12cm tall x 29cm long, but it expands six fold in just five minutes when water is added, providing up to 2.5 cubic feet, or nearly a yard of material. At 1½" deep layer, this amount will cover about twenty square feet. This mulch lasts around two years before breaking down into the soil.