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Philips -  DE Master Green Power GP T EL 1000W 400V BULB - IncrediGrow,  Bulbs

Philips - DE Master Green Power GP T EL 1000W 400V BULB

Philips Master GreenPower Plus EL double ended lamp is a professional European made 400 V high frequency horticultural 1000 watt HPS lamp. It is nitrogen filled with a quartz glass outer jacket for perfect optical quality. This is the original bulb included with Gavita Pro Complete fixtures. Note: As of 2015 Gavita no longer comes standard with the Philips Green Power bulb--this bulb must be bought separately from Gavita fixtures.

note on ballast compatibility: Even though this bulb is noted at 400v, it operates optimally on high frequency (approximately 100khz +/- 10%) digital double ended ballasts. Have a question about compatibility with the Philips Green Power DE Lamp? Give us a call at 855-289-1441. Double ended lamp base for accurate lamp positioning. 

This lamp is extremely high photosynthetic photon flux (ppf) at 2,100 ?mol. 

There is no wireframe. 

Only suitable for high frequency, high voltage electronic ballasts. 

Oil from your hands can damage the lamp. Please use a rag or gloves when handling and/or touching the glass of the bulb.