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LED Magnifier 60x-100x. - IncrediGrow, bugs, disease, mag, magnifier, magnifying, tricombes, zoom Tools, Accessories & Books

Mega Mass - LED Magnifier 60x-100x.

Greater Magnification and Fine Focus Control

Magnifier: a person or thing that magnifies. a lens or combination of lenses that magnifies an object; magnifying glass.

 Neewer 60x-100x Light and KnobsThis magnifier has three features that are missing from many other pocket microscopes or jeweller's loupes: the ability to change the level of magnification, and a fine focus knob and you can use your smartphone lined up at the barrel to increase magnification, even more, producing great pictures. This unit also has an extendable barrel, which provides for the difference in magnification, from 60x-100x. When you are at the desired magnification, you can use the fine focus knob to bring the item you are looking at into sharp focus. Another advantage is that when you choose not to use the digital zoom on your smartphone, your subject is framed inside a tight black circle instead of a blurry circular area. One quark of this little gadget is that it contains a mirror, so your image will be reversed, and zeroing in on a certain spot on your specimen requires some mental recalculation 
Includes instructions and a handy pleather carry case.