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Starter Kit: LED 48" Super Seedling Starter / Clone Kit (200+ seedlings) - IncrediGrow, baby, cat: kits, clone, clones, cloning, cutting, dome, LED, rockwool, rooting, seed, seedling, start, veg Complete Kits

Starter Kit: Super Seedling Starter / Clone Kit

SunBlaster LED Strip Lights

     Designed to maximize overall performance, economy, and extended longevity, while providing the best possible lighting for all indoor growing applications without fail or compromise.

Our Self-Cooling Technology allowed our engineers to push SunBlaster LED Strip Lights to maximize their output without creating unwanted heat or wasting valuable electronic resources. Due to the amazing construction of our SunBlaster LED’S, we do not need to use cooling fans or any other unwanted devices

SunBlaster LED Light Strips run silent and are mercury free.

Set includes:

  • Two - 48" SunBlaster LED Strip Light Fixtures
  • Four - Heavy-duty Seedling/Clone Trays
  • Four - Clear Domes

For optimal performance suggested additions to this kit are: