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GrowPharm - Succulent & Cactus Ultimate Gritty Mix

GrowPharm - Succulent & Cactus Ultimate Gritty Mix

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Did you know? Cacti and succulents prefer gritty mixes to fine mixes primarily because they are adapted to arid environments where water drains quickly and soil is well-draining. Many of the products on the market today only focus on on providing cheap soil compositions or generic mixes, but our Gritty Mix is truly made with care.

🌱 Features:

  • Premium Quality: Our mix boasts a premium blend of porous materials carefully selected to enhance aeration and drainage, crucial for the health of your beloved succulents and cacti.
  • Moisture Control: Say goodbye to moisture-related issues like root and base rot! Our mix is designed to effectively prevent such problems, ensuring the longevity of your plants.
  • Tactile Sensation: Feel the grit, feel the difference! With each touch, you'll experience the unique texture that sets our mix apart, guaranteeing an unparalleled gardening experience.

Our succulent and cactus mix is packaged in smaller bags, but is equivalent in volume to Pro-Mix 5L bags.