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Gaia Green - Feather Meal - IncrediGrow,

Gaia Green - Feather Meal

  • GAIA GREEN Feather Meal is a high nitrogen fertilizer that is made from sterilized, ground poultry feathers. It is a good alternative to blood meal, with a slower nitrogen release pattern for a more effect effective, longer lasting feeding.


  • Containing over 13% nitrogen and trace amounts of phosphorous and potassium. Gaia Green Feather Meal is a valuable nutrient for all crops that require a steady, long lasting supply of nitrogen. It is high in keratin, a natural biopolymer fiber that can also help improve soil texture.


  • Product of Canada. Comes in a reusable, recloseable tub. Great for lawns, gardens, pots, containers, landscapes, orchards, flowers, shrubs, trees, landscape hedges. Nitrogen is great for increased leafy green growth, to activate compost bins and speed up decomposition, and improve soil structure


  • Feather meal begins to release nitrogen 4-7 days after application, and releases at a steady rate for about 3 months. It works with bacteria and nematodes in the soil that breakdown the nitrogen into components that plants can more easily absorb. This increased good bacterial process adds life to your soil base, which helps to improve root growth for a stronger overall root system