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Enzymes Komplete - IncrediGrow, break down, clean, Enzyme, garden, hydro, root, Zyme Natural Products

Enzymes Komplete

Disease Prevention & Healing

Disease prevention in the garden is a very important and easy procedure. It is much easier to prevent disease than to deal with a fully developed problem. Either way, Enzymes Komplete™will help to heal your garden. All working surface, machinery and equipment must be cleaned and cleansed regularly.

Water Equipment & Growing Systems

All water equipment & growing systems including pumps, water reservoirs & pipes. Drip emitters & Sprayers are the most vulnerable parts of the systems that are regularly exposed to dirt & being easily plugged.

“Enzymes Komplete™ is uniquely designed to clean, cleanse and recondition.”

Chemical, Nutrient & Salts Lockout

It has been proven over time and reported by many growers, that Enzymes Komplete™ is the solution that can help to deal with chemical, nutrient & salts lockout almost instantly. The lockout problem gets treated in a fast, easy & gentle way and without damaging any other important processes in the growing operation.

Powdery Mildew Fog Cure

per 1 gal add:

- 1.5ml H2O2

-10 ml of Enzymes Komplete

- Ph solution to 7.5

(use fogger or fine mister to spray)

Cleaning & cleansing cutting, trimming machines & equipment

Complexity & condition of every machine & equipment and/or their parts will
dictate the way of cleaning & or cleansing procedures as well
the concentration of the Enzymes Komplete™ cleaning/cleansing solution.
Removable parts, blades, tubing & others are recommended to soak in full strength
Enzymes Komplete™ solution for a few hours, as necessary.

In some cases, undiluted Enzymes Komplete™ is recommended for rapid & effective cleaning & cleansing.

Soak soft pots - 15ml per Gal (soft pots will be like new to use over and over)

Mint Twist – organic complex mints formulation as part of Enzymes Komplete™

MINT TWIST is a unique organic mints formulation blended to Enzymes Komplete™. The cleanup is very unique, gentle & harmless and helps to protect good healthy micro-environments, good bacteria & good beneficial organisms. The mint fragrance & various mints oils in the formula are powerful & effective cleaning tool in cleaning away stubborn & resistant garden problems as spiders, gnats, spider mites, Powdery mildew, Broad mites.