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Double Thick Tray 10” x 20” with Holes - IncrediGrow, 1020, cloning, flourecent, flourescent, flouresent, fluorecent, fluorescant, microgreens, rooting, seedling, sprouts Propagation & Growing Mediums

Super Sprouter - Light Duty 10” x 20” with Holes

  •  Ideal for seed and cutting propagation
  • Thinner wall cloning tray to minimize price while still being durable.
  • MULTIPURPOSE FUNCTIONALITY: measures 10” x 20 and accommodates 50 clones or seedlings.
  • Compatible with hydroponic grow mats and micro-mats
  • COMPLETE YOUR SET: Designed to accommodate our 10x20 nano dome and T5 fluorescent or T5 LED for optimal growing conditions

Need a heftier option? Try our QUAD THICK tray!