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Dolomite Lime Ag 50 lb

Dolomite Lime Ag 50 lb

Dolomite lime is a type of mineral supplement commonly used in agriculture and gardening. It is made from a combination of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, and is used to correct soil acidity and provide essential nutrients to plants.

When soil becomes too acidic, it can become difficult for plants to absorb important nutrients. Dolomite lime helps to raise the pH of the soil, making it more alkaline and easier for plants to grow. The calcium and magnesium in dolomite lime also provide essential nutrients that are important for plant growth and development.

In addition to its benefits for soil health, dolomite lime can also help to prevent certain plant diseases and pests. By creating a more hospitable growing environment for plants, dolomite lime can improve crop yields and overall plant health.

Dolomite lime can be applied to soil in a number of ways, including mixing it into the soil before planting, top dressing existing plants, or applying it as a foliar spray. It is important to follow the recommended application rates to avoid overuse, which can lead to nutrient imbalances and other issues.