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Diablo Nutrients - Monster Silicate

Monster Silicate is a highly concentrated potassium silicate solution that is beneficial to plant growth by providing high levels of potassium 12% (K2O), potassium silicate (K2Sio3) and supplying silicon dioxide (SiO2). Silicon will benefit plants under stressful conditions. Although it is not an essential element plants will grow stronger with the addition of a small amount of silicon. Monster Silicate provides silicone for stronger plant growth structure. Plants will use silicon as a major building block in cell structure development. It is critical for the plant’s ability to form a strong cell network structure to defend itself from unwanted attack. Potassium itself is a major nutrient component regulating many processes in a plant including the translocation of water, carbohydrates and nutrients in the plant tissue. Besides helping to regulate photosynthesis, potassium also helps to activate many enzyme processes which affect starch, protein and the production of adenosine (ATP). Monster Silicate can also be a very effective product to raise the pH of the nutrient solution and if used properly can be safely used on tropical, herbs, flowering plants and cannabis. * Use Monster Silicate according to the rate on the label. • For supplemental feeding add 0.25 ml (1/4 tsp) per litre or 1 ml per 4 litres (1 gal) of water. • For pH increases use 0.25 ml – 0.5 ml per litre or 1-2 ml (¼ to ½ tsp) per 4 litres (1 gal) of water.