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Bluelab - Probe Care Kit pH & Conductivity - IncrediGrow, blue, Bluelab, bluelabs, calibration, clean, cleaning kit, lab, labs Tools, Accessories & Books

Bluelab - Probe Care Kit pH & Conductivity

Bluelab® Probe Care Kit pH & Conductivity

Everything you need to clean, hydrate and calibrate pH probes as well as clean and test conductivity (ppm/EC) probes. The instrument is only as accurate as the probe is clean. Accurate readings simplify crop management and provide improved growth. Includes instructions, 20 ml single-use Bluelab Solution Sachets, 2 each of: pH 7.0 & pH 4.0, KCl, 2.77 EC, 3x plastic cups, pH Probe Cleaner, Conductivity Probe Cleaner, Toothbrush and Chamois.