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Bluelab - Guardian Monitor tri-meter

The Bluelab Guardian is a constant indicator of the desired levels of EC, pH and temperature, allowing these parameters to be optimized as the crop progresses through each growing phase. A flashing display indicates if a parameter moves away from the desired level, allowing gardeners to make the required adjustments quickly. The Guardian monitors crops 24 hours a day with a built-in alarm system, and also features large, easy-to-read displays with adjustable plant-safe green LED lights, adjustable conductivity and temperature values, push button pH calibration, a silent alarm for both high and low settings, setting retention even during power failure, automatic temperature compensation, and a water-resistant design. The meter ranges are pH from 0.0 to 14.0 with a 0.1 resolution, EC from 0.00 to 5.00 with 0.1 resolution, and temperature from 32 F to122 F (0 C to 50 C) with a 1-degree resolution. The accuracy is ± 0.1 for pH and EC, ± 2 F (± 1 C) for temperature. This product is protected by two-year warranty.