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For plants to thrive they need healthy roots, but standard pots deform roots and this seriously compromises the health of the plant.

Air-Pot containers do the opposite, actively enhancing the plant by making it develop a mass of healthy fibrous roots. This maximizes the ability to absorb nutrients and water leading to faster growth.

The smallest PROPOGATOR container in our Garden Range is the Air-Pot Prop-Pot.

It is ideal for the establishment of individual seedlings.

Height: 145mm  Outside diameter 111mm One fixing. (1L)

The  Small ORANGE Air-Pot container is ideal for bringing on young vegetables or small plants.

A perfect pot for starting chillies or tomatoes.

Height 22.0 cm Outside Diameter 19.5cm One Fixing per Air-Pot Garden Range Small. (3 Litre)

The Medium YELLOW size Air-Pot container is ideal for potting on larger seedlings.

Great for bringing on fruit trees and shrubs or producing large crops of vegetables. A perfect chilli pot for the whole season.

Height 27.5cm Outside Diameter 26.9cm Two fixings. (9 Litre)

The BLUE is the best container for larger greenhouse crops.

The perfect tomato pot. The Large Air-Pot container also helps achieve huge yields of cucumbers, tomatoes and aubergines, as well as fantastic flowers and shrubs.

Height 31.5cm Outside Diameter 35.5cm Two fixings. (20L)

The  BLACK Extra Large Air-Pot container is widely used by championship vegetable growers.

The perfect container for prize-winning leeks and onions, it is also ideal for patio fruit trees.

Height 37.5cm Outside Diameter 42.8cm Three fixings. (38L)